About The Project

On the Sea with Aquafox centers around eleven-year-old Captain Mersina, a Polynesian sailor who fearlessly traverses the seas with her trusty and sarcastic first mate, Bellamy the Aquafox. Saturated with color and witty creativity, the show draws inspiration from classic literature, folklore, and mythology while weaving an epic adventure tale for a modern audience. Under the surface (pun intended), the show will explore themes inspired by today's headlines with the goal of presenting kids (and their parents!) that there are two sides to every story, and loving kindness is the best approach to take in life.

Our Mission

In addition to friendship, plunder, and adventure - our mission is to find a producer and/or network to bring us into a professional realm.  We're passionate about what we've created and we'd love to talk to you about it. We believe we have something special and the more people that can be changed by this little pirate, the better.  If you, or someone you know fits the bill, then take a look at our pitch bible or drop us a line!

Do you or someone you know fit the bill?
Then check out our pilot script or drop us a line!

 Requesting permission to board? Click here to request a copy of our pitch materials!